About Us

Magnify connects you to like-minded people to collaborate on civic, political, and environmental projects. We are an action network. We use information you provide to suggest projects that need your help: projects where sending an email, making a phone call, or volunteering can help make a neighborhood better. When you propose a project, we help you build your team by matching your project to other users. Magnify is a place for positive engagement and civil discourse. We carefully guard your data following the best standards in the industry.

Magnify was founded by the principle that ordinary citizens can affect change using the power of their relationships. We rely on the frontier of social science research to engage your family, friends and neighbors to work on projects that matter to you. By working together, we can be heard.

Are you frustrated that you see a need in your local community that isn’t met by government or industry? Do you believe that need could be remedied through purposeful action? Will you ask your family, friends, and neighbors to help initiate change? If that description fits you, join us. Magnify is a place for positive interaction. We care a lot about your neighborhood. We know you have a good idea. It’s time to make it happen.