Magnify Your Voice. Get Loud. Be Heard.

We’d like to tell you a little bit about Magnify, a new action network for local projects in St Louis and beyond. It’s free to use and relies on the frontier of research in behavioral social science to help get your neighborhood projects done.

Here is how Magnify works:

  1. You choose something you care about. It can be big or small. Here are a couple examples: is there a pothole that needs filling? a park that needs a new playground? updated parking regulations needed near your home or favorite restaurant? does your neighborhood want curbside compost? would you benefit from adding a changing station in a local restaurant bathroom? would you like to organize a neighborhood parade?
  2. You make the project and then send it to your friends. You tell your target official your idea. Your friends do it too — and Magnify gives you a way to talk to your team and to know who has already reached out and who hasn’t yet.
  3. We try to match your project to people who have the same concern. They tell your target official too.
  4. Now your voice is louder. A lot louder. Louder because your friends and your community have spoken together.
  5. Success! You (might) get what you want! When your team grows large enough, we will work with you to connect with your target official.
  6. You have done everything you can to make your neighborhood, your community, better.
  7. You have more power than you think and a team of engaged voices can make a big difference.

Neighborhood, community, and a responsible civic life: this is what the Magnify community cares about. We make civic activism fun, easy and social. Join us today!


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