Be the helper.

Have you liked a post on Facebook or NextDoor — or written one yourself — complaining about politics, government, or local businesses? Have you seen one from your family and friends? Have you said to yourself, “I don’t know why they don’t do [fill in possible solution here]?”

Talking about politics, especially on social media, is something many Americans do on a regular basis. In fact, 30% of the respondents in the American Panel Survey report they have texted a friend or family member about a political issue.  Moreover, 66% of social media users (39% of American adults) engage in civic or political activities with social media (Pew Internet and American Life Survey).  That’s a lot of political conversation online!

Here at Magnify we would like to transform that political talk into action.  Once you’ve come up with an idea for how to improve your neighborhood or community, you’ve already done all the hard work necessary to post a project on Magnify.  The next step is easy. We’d like you to take a few minutes and translate that idea into a new project.  We’ll help you fill out the details — you just need the idea (and an address).  Then, you simply share that idea with your family and friends.

Fred Rogers is famous for his quote about finding optimism in times of disaster and darkness.  He said, “Look for the helpers. You can always find people who are helping.”   Here’s one thing to remember about that quote from Fred Rogers, though.  His message is for children.  There’s a different message for adults.  In our world there are many big and serious issues.  It is time for adults to stop looking for the helpers.  Instead, it is time to act.  We’re seeing a tremendous groundswell of interest in in civic engagement, such as the number of voters who are getting involved and engaged in the 2018 midterm primary elections.  It’s time to post your project.  Build your community.  Don’t look for the helpers.  Be the helper.