You’ve voted, now what?

Americans across the nation have been flocking to early voting sites in large (and in many places, perhaps record numbers for a midterm election) — and many people have voted by mail.  On Tuesday, millions of additional Americans will go to their local polling place, where they’ll be casting ballots in what might be one of the more important midterm elections in recent history.

But what’s next?  How do you stay engaged, and how can you work with your friends, family, and colleagues to solve the important problems in your community?

We have a simple suggestion.  If you have already voted, between now and Tuesday, go to Magnify and set up a project to solve a real problem in your community.  Invite your friends and family to help, and use everyone’s interest in public affairs to get that problems solved.

Or if you are voting today, or on Tuesday, while you are standing in line, think about one issue that you can solve in your community.  Is it a problem with traffic — an intersection where you might want to see a stop sign, or a crosswalk?  Is it the need for additional services from your city government, say curbside composting?  Is there a local organization than needs help, raising funds for their operations, or perhaps looking for volunteers to help them solve community problems this fall?

These are all examples of problems that our users have solved in the past few months, by using the tools available in Magnify.  Check it out today, and while you are watching election returns Tuesday, engage your friends and family in helping you bring real change to your community.