Magnify Your Organization

When we began to build Magnify, our goal was to develop a place where our friends, family, and colleagues could work together to solve community problems.  We wanted to provide them with tools to connect with others interested in similar concerns and issues, to provide a positive environment for constructive conversation, and get things done.

Along the way, we have started to work with a wide variety of organizations, helping them to use Magnify in different ways, as they sought to strengthen their organization, to build closer connections to their members, and to reach their organizational goals.   We have now rebuilt Magnify so that more organizations can take advantage of our unique approach to enhancing connections with existing organization members, finding new members, and working to accomplish organizational goals.  Now organizations can have their own presence on Magnify, with enhanced tools that the organizations can use to get things done.

A great example of how organizations are starting to use Magnify is what our colleagues at A Red Circle have been doing.  Take a look at their Magnify projects.  Their most recent effort is to mobilize their members to find a new home for A Red Circle (please feel free to help them if you can).   We are certain that after seeing how A Red Circle is using Magnify, you’ll be able to find lots of ways to use our new organizational support.

We know that organizations currently use a wide variety of different tools for member engagement, for finding new members, and to get things done.  While we’ll refrain from criticizing these alternative tools directly, we have a few things that we’d like for you to consider about how your organization is currently engaging members and building your community.

First, our goal is to help your organization connect with new and existing members.  We do not sell or provide your organization’s or member’s information to outside parties, period.  We don’t sell or give your data to any third parties.  We only use your data to help us improve Magnify’s tools and services, and for us to help you connect with new members and others who might help you solve your organization’s problems.

Second, we are dedicated to providing a positive experience for your organization and your members.  Magnify is about positive interactions for your organization’s membership, and we will help you make sure that your members have a positive experience using Magnify.

Third, we help your members take action. Whether it is an easier way to RSVP for an event, engage a member’s friends in volunteering, or reward online efforts that boost your organization’s productivity, we reduce the frictions associated with participation and make engagement fun. We want your members to help you work on your projects.

Fourth, we are dedicated to helping your organization.   Our goal is to continue building a place for individuals and organizations to connect to develop positive solutions to real and pressing problems in their communities.  As many of our users know, we like to help them with their use of Magnify.  We can provide support helping you onboard your members to Magnify.  And if there are specific features or tools that your organization will need, let us know and we’ll be happy to work with you to see how we can develop the functions that your organization needs.  We’ll be outlining soon what features our new organizations platform will have, and how you can take advantage of those features.

In coming weeks, we will be rolling out our new organizational space on Magnify.  If you want to see the details and fine print, the terms of service for our organizational support are available for you to read.

In the meantime, if you are interested in learning more about how your organization can use Magnify (and to add your organization to our growing set of organizational partners), get in touch with us. 

If you are curious about Magnify, take a few minutes and watch our video.  Here a number of users of Magnify talk about their experiences, and how they have used Magnify to get stuff done in their communities.  We are pretty sure that as you watch this video, you’ll be able to think of a number of ways that your organization can use Magnify!



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