Sleep, creep, then leap

Sleep, creep, then leap. That’s a phrase used by gardeners to characterize perennials, the flowering plants that return year-after-year, in contrast to annuals that die after each growing season. In the first year after you plant a perennial, nothing much happens. It’s gathering nutrients from the soil. Nothing much happens in the second year after you plant a perennial either — it is growing roots, deep roots, to sustain itself in times of hardship, pests, and disease.  The third year, a perennial bursts into full glory and it will do so year-after-year. How?  Well, it has the nutrients it needs, it has the root system it needs. It can take a risk — it is well-supported. 

A Red Circle is an award-winning nonprofit in North St Louis County that is entering its third year. Led by Executive Director Erica Williams, A Red Circle addresses racial injustice and inequality in the North St. Louis County region through five focus areas: employment, education, holistic living, policy, and the arts.  It works towards the holistic betterment of our community; reversing the effects of racism one person and cause at a time.

A Red Circle has grown deep roots and A Red Circle is ready to leap. May 1st is “Give Day” for the St Louis region. What if we all directed some of our energy and resources towards North St Louis County?  What if we rallied together and helped A Red Circle leap?  Your gift can help A Red Circle continue to give to our community year after year.

You can give to A Red Circle on Give Day with this project:

You can give in other ways, too.  Add your name to a team and come volunteer and advocate with A Red Circle: