Instead of wasting time on social media, use that time to make a difference in your community!  Can you find three minutes? If so, then you’ve got enough time to micro-volunteering!

Micro-volunteering is a way you can help your local organizations and neighbors accomplish their goals using your smart phone and short, efficient bursts of time. Tasks range from retweeting a message to contacting an elected official to helping an organization collect research. These jobs don’t require showing up at a particular time or place or going through extensive training — instead, by giving you a task that takes only minutes to complete, they let you help your community wherever you are, whenever you can. Magnify specializes in connecting you to micro-volunteering opportunities so that you can help us build better neighborhoods and communities.

So whether you’re at home in your pajamas or waiting for your kid’s soccer game to start, try micro-volunteering!

Here are a couple of ways you can help!

  1. Help advertise this new farmer’s market organized by A Red Circle to provide fresh produce to an otherwise food desert on June 29th. Just share the event as wildly as possible on your social media. Time for task: 1 minute. Join HERE.
  2. Not every email to an elected official needs to be a complaint. They often just want to know what’s important to you! Write an email to share your priorities and build a stronger civic community — one of MO’s elected representatives, Ian Mackey, asked for your help. Time for task: 2 minutes. Join HERE.
  3. Help collect a list of the best businesses in North County, St Louis. Time for task: 2 minutes. Join HERE.

If you’re an organization, micro-volunteering tasks allow you to engage individuals who might not otherwise participate and to get people excited about the work you are doing. Put up a project today