When Funders Need Data But You Don’t Have Time

At Magnify we know that organizations are under more pressure than ever to provide funders with data.

The requirement to provide data — and not just on outputs, but also outcomes — means that organizations cannot thrive on simply a good idea and a noble cause. They need to document participation — the number of people they have touched — and they need to document the impact their organization has had on those people.  To organizations that are often under-resourced and operating on a shoe-string budget, these hurdles often feel unsurmountable.

We’re here to help.

First: We believe that data collection works best when you transparently engage the communities in which you work. We track participation data in real time and share those analytics with the entire community. Supporters can then give more than dollars or volunteer hours — thru comments, micro-volunteering opportunities, and social sharing they can let your funders know the breadth of community support for your organization. When you set up an organizational page on Magnify, we automatically track and share your participation data in real time with your community.

Second: We’re also experts in helping you identify and measure key outcomes. From surveys to social media mentions and beyond, we help you document your impact.

Third: We help tell your story. Each month we provide the leadership team with a slide deck documenting not only inputs and outcomes but also parts of your story — comments from a supporter, for example — that magnify the importance of the people that are reflected in the numbers we’ve shared.

Funders need data and you need time. Magnify your organization and let us take care of the analytics. We’d like to help. Let’s get to work!