Create a “Democracy Squad”!

See “Democracy Squad to the Rescue” (LINK), 10/8/2020

             “Democracy Squad,” a nonpartisan volunteer opportunity for the George Mason University community, was started by Jennifer Victor, Schar School of Policy and Government professor. When interviewed for “News at Mason,” Victor said “ I wanted not only to build civic education but also to provide constructive opportunities for students to engage in the election process.”

            The team “Democracy Squad” is hosted by MAGNIFY. We provide a digital platform dedicated to connecting people to civic, political and environmental projects. Members of the “Democracy Squad” can choose between over 20 projects.  Projects range from registering to vote and applying for an absentee ballot, to becoming a Fairfax County election officer to help on Election Day.

            GMU Sophomore Neha Sehgal, , who studies criminology, law, and society, joined because, “I’ve been wanting to get more involved with elections and human rights. This helps me understand what’s going on in my community and help out. “Democracy Squad’ benefits not only me but everyone in the community.”

         Concerns among political scientists about threats to democracy also inspired Professor Victor to start a “Democracy Squad.” She said that, “The one thing I know that can shore up the health of a democracy is an election….I want my students to feel that they are engaged in a collective group activity that everyone is doing to contribute to self-governance.”

According to MAGNIFY co-founder Betsy Sinclair of Washington University, it is not too late for other universities to start their own “Democracy Squads.” Professor Sinclair observed that, “Students are yearning for real civic engagement and actual social impact. Even during a pandemic, a digital platform makes it possible.” Click HERE or email to get started.