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If you run a food bank, a soup kitchen, or a shelter, you likely have a paid volunteer coordinator to manage your volunteers. But what if you don’t? According to Valerie Johnson, an expert on nonprofits and a writer for Generocity, most nonprofits “are not set up to handle volunteers and do not have the personnel, plans, or policies in place to manage them.” Yet, volunteers can provide more than “sweat equity” — sometimes they are pathways for future donors, for community collaboration, and corporate investment. Volunteers also donate more than donors who do not volunteer. The Fidelity Charitable study showed that volunteers donate 10 times more than donors who do not volunteer. It makes sense to collaborate with volunteers as part of a long term strategy, but how do you manage volunteers on a budget?

We are here to help! Magnify provides simplified volunteer management software. You sign up, fill out a brief online form to describe your volunteer project, and Magnify will give you the tools to ask volunteers to sign up and report their hours online or via our mobile app.  Volunteers will have all the social media tools they need to advertise your project and build community, they’ll be able to share the total number of volunteer hours with their employers, and you’ll be able to download the data you need for your CRM.

Currently, about 63 million Americans volunteer about 8 billion hours of their time, talent, and effort to improve and strengthen their communities.  We’d love to talk about how to support the work you are doing to build better neighborhoods and communities by giving your volunteers a chance to support your organization. Email us anytime at

At Magnify we know that organizations are under more pressure than ever to provide funders with data.

The requirement to provide data — and not just on outputs, but also outcomes — means that organizations cannot thrive on simply a good idea and a noble cause. They need to document participation — the number of people they have touched — and they need to document the impact their organization has had on those people.  To organizations that are often under-resourced and operating on a shoe-string budget, these hurdles often feel unsurmountable.

We’re here to help.

First: We believe that data collection works best when you transparently engage the communities in which you work. We track participation data in real time and share those analytics with the entire community. Supporters can then give more than dollars or volunteer hours — thru comments, micro-volunteering opportunities, and social sharing they can let your funders know the breadth of community support for your organization. When you set up an organizational page on Magnify, we automatically track and share your participation data in real time with your community.

Second: We’re also experts in helping you identify and measure key outcomes. From surveys to social media mentions and beyond, we help you document your impact.

Third: We help tell your story. Each month we provide the leadership team with a slide deck documenting not only inputs and outcomes but also parts of your story — comments from a supporter, for example — that magnify the importance of the people that are reflected in the numbers we’ve shared.

Funders need data and you need time. Magnify your organization and let us take care of the analytics. We’d like to help. Let’s get to work!

Instead of wasting time on social media, use that time to make a difference in your community!  Can you find three minutes? If so, then you’ve got enough time to micro-volunteering!

Micro-volunteering is a way you can help your local organizations and neighbors accomplish their goals using your smart phone and short, efficient bursts of time. Tasks range from retweeting a message to contacting an elected official to helping an organization collect research. These jobs don’t require showing up at a particular time or place or going through extensive training — instead, by giving you a task that takes only minutes to complete, they let you help your community wherever you are, whenever you can. Magnify specializes in connecting you to micro-volunteering opportunities so that you can help us build better neighborhoods and communities.

So whether you’re at home in your pajamas or waiting for your kid’s soccer game to start, try micro-volunteering!

Here are a couple of ways you can help!

  1. Help advertise this new farmer’s market organized by A Red Circle to provide fresh produce to an otherwise food desert on June 29th. Just share the event as wildly as possible on your social media. Time for task: 1 minute. Join HERE.
  2. Not every email to an elected official needs to be a complaint. They often just want to know what’s important to you! Write an email to share your priorities and build a stronger civic community — one of MO’s elected representatives, Ian Mackey, asked for your help. Time for task: 2 minutes. Join HERE.
  3. Help collect a list of the best businesses in North County, St Louis. Time for task: 2 minutes. Join HERE.

If you’re an organization, micro-volunteering tasks allow you to engage individuals who might not otherwise participate and to get people excited about the work you are doing. Put up a project today

Build your community ecosystem by engaging your members, supporters, staff and board with Magnify. Whether you’re an emerging or established nonprofit, club or local chapter, Magnify provides the cloud-based solution your membership needs to MAGNIFY your mission. Watch our video to learn more! 

Benefits for your organization:

  • Save time. Simplify the process of engaging members and supporters and save valuable staff time.
  • Grow community. New members can join in under 30 seconds, and then rsvp for events, boost advocacy, and commit to volunteering. Buttons easily enable social sharing, ensuring members can recruit their friends to help.
  • Social network for good. Use social network tools to engage your community to take action on a platform that will never sell their data nor distract them with advertisements.
  • Stay on brand. In a matter of minutes you can have a personalized web platform for your organization where your members join, engage with each other, and are recruited to stay involved using evidence-based social science.
  • Measure your impact. Get the engagement analytics you need for funders, leadership and grants.

If you have any questions or would like to take advantage of our current discounted rate for new subscribers, please email us at